Events Manager for WordPress

Sortable Block plugin is a simple events manager block for WordPress.

1. Access Block Inserter

This image shows a preview of the block editor and highlights two ways to add a new block: using the Block Inserter or typing to search for a block.

2. Search for Sortable

This image displays the search results in the Block Inserter when the keyword “Sortable” is entered. It also shows pre-made block patterns associated with the keyword below the search.

3. Add Sortable block

This image demonstrates the Sortable block being added to the content area after selecting it from the Block Inserter. Note, the Block Inserter can also be closed using the top bar.

4. Choose starting point

This image displays a placeholder screen for the Sortable block, allowing to either select a pre-designed pattern based on Sortable or start blank.

5. Begin blank start

This image displays three variations to start blank: Empty, Grid View, List View. Each option offers a starting layout, including a pre-made content.

List View

This image showcases the Sortable block with pre-made content arranged in a list layout, with active List View layout.

Grid View

This image showcases the Sortable block with pre-made content arranged in a grid layout, with active Grid View layout. Note, this layout also offers Layout settings that allow configuring the number of columns.


This image showcases the Sortable block with no content, displaying only the ‘Add Sortable Entry‘ button for adding events to manage. Note, by default, the Sortable block adopts the List View layout.

6. Add Sortable Entry

This image displays a Sortable Entry block (as a child) with empty content within the Sortable block (as a parent). A Sortable Entry is an event that can be sorted by date within the Sortable block, serving as a container for an event layout that can be built with WordPress blocks.

7. Use WordPress blocks

This image displays a Sortable Entry block with the ‘Add Block‘ button clicked, revealing a modal showcasing common blocks with an option to view more available blocks for creating an event layout.

8. Set Sortable Entry date

This image displays a Sortable Entry block with the active Block settings sidebar. In the sidebar, the Date settings section is shown for configuring the time and date of the event.

Customize date filter options

This image shows the expanded Visibility settings for the Sortable block. By default, the filter is set to ‘All Entries‘ displaying all Sortable Entry blocks within. Use the ‘Specific Date‘ option to filter events (represented as Sortable Entry blocks) based on a specific date.

Specific Date

This image illustrates the active ‘Specific Date‘ filter option in the Sortable block. Selecting this option allows for three date filter types: ‘On a specific date‘ (events on a chosen date), ‘Before a specific date‘ (events before a chosen date), and ‘After a specific date‘ (events after a chosen date). Additionally, by checking the ‘Include time information‘ option, you can specify hours and minutes along with the filter date.